Hollywood vs. Reality

Disclaimer: it's mostly opiniated. Who am I to judge? Me, myself, and I.

Given situation Movies/series Reality
Given situationWearing hoodies and sunglasses Movies/seriesOf course. Can you even hack without it? RealityNot so frequent
Given situationOpening popups Movies/series"Popup OD" (OverDose), everywhere on the screen, like being attacked with a nasty eBomb or by old-school viruses. RealitySplit screens at most. Usually, boring lines in the terminal without the green color.
Given situationPlaying sounds and animations Movies/seriesSuccessful exploits trigger a sound. Hackers have coded animations that can represent what's going on in real-time. RealityAttackers may customize their machine, but they mostly use command lines.
Given situationTyping on keyboard Movies/seriesThe hacker may type very complicated command lines without looking at the screen at all. RealityCertainly not like in the movies, but some people can type really fast, though.
Given situationRecon and enumeration Movies/seriesSkipped. Seems totally optional for hackers, even when attacking fortresses. RealityMandatory. Often takes more time than the operation itself and can require additional recon.
Given situationGuessing credentials and predicting behaviors Movies/seriesAlways right. Hackers seem to have psychic powers. RealityFailure is highly probable, but it may happen.
Given situationExploiting a bug Movies/seriesIn a blink of an eye and always successfully. The attacker is omniscient. RealityWould need several attempts and various approaches. Failure is not unlikely.
Given situationCracking ultra-secured algorithms Movies/seriesThe hacker can see things in his mind and solve impossible maths while drinking soda and doing other tasks in parallel. RealityWould require ridiculously expensive hardware, the best experts in the world, and infinite money.
Given situationBrute-forcing passwords Movies/seriesRuns at the speed of light, even for the strongest passwords. RealityWould take seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, years, decades, centuries, depending on the passwords length and randomness.
Given situationCovering tracks Movies/seriesThe hackers do not care. Catch them if you can. RealityMandatory. Otherwise, the whole operation can fail and the attackers might end up in jail.
Given situationFinding and exploiting 0-days Movies/seriesThe hackers are years ahead of the most dangerous APT groups and notorious security researchers. They might even use programs that detect and exploit vulnerabilities automagically. RealityEven if there's a market for that (e.g. NSO), skilled attackers would have to spend a lot of time like weeks, perhaps months, to find one. The level required here is at least security researchers, top elite three-letter agencies / mercernaries / ninjas."
Given situationHacking with IA, scripts and programs Movies/seriesPrograms "act" like Synthients in IO. One may enter "fuck the system" in an input or speak to an IA to get the job done. RealityUnlike what extravagant declarations might suggest, it still requires constant human supervision and monitoring.