# About

Here is another demo of privacy issues with simple actions to mitigate them.

Using the navigator object in JavaScript, I can grab some details about you, for example, your browser, operating system, or user agent. Here is a sample:

navigator object (scroll to see all properties)


This is the kind of APIs used for fingerprinting. It's definitely not the only one though, as common technical information such as HTTP headers are massively used.

Of course, data brokers don't use it like that, as raw data are not so helpful. They use a collection of signals, and the more your device has special specs, the more unique your fingerprint is.

# Are you uniq?

Uniqueness can be harmful for your privacy.

You can test your fingerprint here.

# Tools

You can easily mitigate privacy issues with simple tools such as:

You can also replace many Google services and apps with their equivalents.